Frank Carey moving on to Vimeo

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that the board announces Frank Carey’s departure as CEO of Heliocore. Frank has played a critical role in the development of Heliocore over our first year, providing both business and technical leadership, and leading our sales efforts in the US. We wish him the best of luck as a he continues his passion for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Vimeo. While he’ll be missed by our team and customers, he’ll continue to play an active role as board member and co-founder. We’re excited for the next chapter of Heliocore as we continue to grow by helping customers succeed with their DevOps needs.

Cognitive Bias in Tech: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

We humans are amazingly creative and adaptive creatures. If we’re so great, then why do we often make such illogical decisions? Our series explores some Cognitive Biases in Software Development and IT. 

Introducing Heliocore

It's official.  After the long process of forming a new venture, we're ready to announce the birth of Heliocore. Let's talk a bit about where we've been and where we're going.

Authenticating with Google OAuth 2.0 - Part I

This is a two part post which explains, with samples, how to do authorization for a web site using Google Authentication OAuth 2.0 services. The first part introduces necessary steps to get started using the Go client provided by Google, and how to setup your application with Google in order to use the API, to retrieve information about the user.

Exploring Behat Ep. 2: Behat Scenario Selectors

In our previous post on the topic, we used output formatters to determine how Behat displays test results. Now we continue with exploring our possibilities on what tests to run together with Behat’s scenario selectors.

Exploring Behat ep. 1: formatting test results

As a growing company with a strong Drupalist department, we have reached a point when continuous integration and automated testing is necessary to sustain pace, and given the characteristics of Drupal, behavior-driven testing with Behat is a logical candidate. To make this happen, we have to explore the undocumented territories of Behat, and we are presenting our findings along the way.