It's official.  After the long process of forming a new venture, we're ready to announce the birth of Heliocore. Let's talk a bit about where we've been and where we're going.

We are at a critical point in time right now. With pressing issues like terrorism, elections, and the economy taking center stage, many people barely notice that "software is eating the world" before our eyes. We rely on software to get us to work on time, to communicate with our customers and colleagues, and to pay the the bills. We rely on it to find and treat disease, to run our electrical grid, and even to help us find love. Every industry is working to adapt to this new software world, so if this is something so critical, why doesn't software work better?

The short answer is that software is complex.  When you have a lot of complexity, it's easier for something to go wrong. One solution is to break up a complex, monolithic piece of software into components. Another is to add tests to ensure the code is actually doing what it’s supposed to. Most developers agree they should be following these best-practices (and many more), but an alarming number of organizations don’t. Beside the obvious issues of fragile software, it can actually have a existential impact on their business. Heliocore is about helping organizations understand these negative impacts and providing solutions that get them back on track.

We use the word “DevOps” to highlight what we do. While DevOps can just mean a merging of development and operations tools and responsibilities, we see it more broadly, as a collection of best-practices for the creation, deployment, and maintenance of software. We also see it as a cultural movement as much as a technological one. If organizations want to stay competitive, they have to be great at all three. It’s not enough to make something great that doesn’t perform well in production or that’s so fragile, no one can continue to improve on it.

Our founding team and colleagues have seen this pain with our own eyes. We’ve built solutions for our own companies and helped others find theirs. We know the massively positive impact that these best practices can have, not just on these organizations, but on the lives of the people who put their time, creativity, and energy into them every day. We want to help your team find their success too. Follow us or Get in Touch to find out how we can help.